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Top Tips for Successful Labor-Only Moves
  • Get the correct size truck! 
Many customers underestimate how much stuff they really have.  Both UHaul and Penske provide information to assist you.  Here is a good link to check out: http://www.pensketruckrental.com/moving-truck-rental/moving-and-storage/house-moving.html
  • Have plenty of blankets/pads for wrapping furniture
Besides not having the correct size truck, the second-biggest challenge for labor-only moves involves properly protecting your valuables.  Our labor-only service is affordable partly due to the fact that we do NOT provide furniture pads, which can be very expensive.  Therefore, the customer must ensure they have plenty of pads or blankets to cover their wood furniture, couches, mirrors, pictures, and other items.  These are available at any Lowes/Home Depot, UHaul store, or even your own blankets will work.  Just make sure you have lots! 
  • Be Ready!
It'll save you time and, therefore, money if you have your items packed, wrapped and ready to load when your moving help arrives.  We are happy to assist with any of this, including assembly/disassembly, but just be aware it takes additional time.
  • Plan plenty of time to rent the truck
Many customers fail to realize that renting the truck can take quite a while.  Make reservations and go as early as possible.  If you need/want a 8 am start, rent the truck the night before. 
  • Get insurance (or use a good ground-guide)
You might not believe this, but we've seen more than one customer hit something with the rental truck!  It's a stressful day, so make sure you take a moment before starting up the vehicle to collect your thoughts.  Feel free to use our moving helpers to guide you as you back up or move out of tight areas.  But remember - we don't drive!
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